Hotel Spalenbrunnen

This city centre based hotel Spalenbrunnen located in a peaceful area is just a few meters walk from Pedestrian Zone and Basel Landmark “Spalentor” a 750 year old Historical Monument.

How To Stop Drinking Free

This website is designed as a mini course to give you a realistic look at your drinking problem…..

Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous

‘Quit Drink 4 Life’ is our number 1 vote for best home based recovery program. Not only do we believe it is a triumph …

How To Quit Drinking Now

Alcoholism is a serious issue for anyone who is suffering from alcoholism. It also can be painful for the love ones around you. If you are a problem drinker you are not alone.


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Julie Feingold

Julie Feingold’s lighthearted, open-minded approach, and her focused work ethic, are celebrated by her growing list of clients. She’d love to fulfill your styling needs – or help you find “gold” in your closet.

Deer Velvet

This medicine helps to improve mental alertness and memory, boost immune system function, speed wound healing and recovery, slow aging, balance iron levels, improve libido in both sexes, and restore joint health.

Smart Choice Printing

Smart Choice Printing helps businesses meet their printing needs, so they are able to market themselves in an effective (and attractive!) manner.

HBP Dance Extreme

HBP is a dance studio built from consistency of purpose and passion. They consider all their dancers to be athletes, and work with them accordingly to treat their bodies with care and respect.


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